Thirteen very short stories from acclaimed musician John Southworth will tweak your mind and peak your imagination.  Meet the boy with grey hair, who spends his days on a cargo ship peeling potatoes, a strange man who keeps a Ferris wheel in his backyard, and a whale that lives in a manmade lake on the top of a faraway hill. Chock-full of details in their brevity, they beg to be mused over. Equally intriguing and unusual black and white illustrations by David Ouimet bright the strange, bizarre characters to life.

Official website: DAYDREAMS FOR NIGHT

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1927018170
Available at fine book shops everywhere.



A brilliant, dark, twisted picture book” - Cuckoo Review


"A work as mysterious and beguiling as a trip down Alice In

Wonderland’s Rabbit Hole" - Blue Wolf Reviews


“Some picture books aren’t meant to be read by children at all.

Daydreams for Night is one such book” - NSW Writers Centre


“This book is beautiful” - The Book Wars


“Poignant, strangely whimsical” - Midwest Book Review


“Each story stands on its own, yet they are connected through

a shared enigmatic quality, offering up intriguing possibilities

over explanations” - Publisher’s Weekly


“Oh deep joy! A beautifully produced book”

- Picture Books Blogger

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